Project Management Consultancy

Project management is the discipline of using established principles, procedures and policies to successfully guide a project from conception through completion.

Project Management Consultants manage the Project by application of their Knowledge, Skills, and Experience at various stages. However, at the same time PMC also has to face various challenges like Design Issues, Constructability Issues, Long lead material Issues, Inter Contractor Coordination Issues, Engineering Issues, Safety Issues, etc. which can be tackled only by a well-organized approach of the PMC.

A well-organized PMC approach also includes adopting various types of tools for the higher management like Reporting dashboard, Round table progress Review and conduction of brainstorming sessions, training on various field, design – construction interface, regular quality audits, quality diligence & delivery sessions in team.

We at KBPCES are committed to Conforming to highest standards of Project Management. Under our Project Management Consultancy service, we undertake following planned series of activities in synchronization with our client’s requirements:

.  Project Feasibility Studies
.  Design Development and Coordination
.  Estimation and Costing
.  Tendering and Contracts Management
.  Project Cost Controls
.  Planning and Schedule Management
.  Reporting and Documentation
.  Quality Control
.  Bill checking and Certification
.  Construction Management

PrevNext 1234 PMC for REPAIRS OF EXISTING STRUCTURES                                        PMC for NEW CONSTRUCTION

✔Residential, Commercial & Industrial Buildings                                                                   ✔ Residential, Commercial & Industrial Buildings.
✔ Bridges & Flyovers                                                                                                              ✔ Public Places, Garden, Roads etc.
✔Power Plants, Refineries                                                                                                     ✔ Conservation of Heritage Structures.
✔ Water Reservoirs, Chimneys & Silos.                                                                                ✔ Water/Sewage Treatment Plants/ESR/UGT
✔ Earthquake affected structures
✔ Fire damaged structures


1) Carry out survey, detailed Engineering Design of all components of projects by making extensive use of current National and International “Best Practices” for similar types of projects with detailed calculations.

2) Prepare Tender documents as per client’s requirements. Assist client for contractor selection and award of contract.

3) Issue construction working drawings, specifications, procedures necessary for the successful completion of the project.

4) Supervision of the contract, construction work as “Engineer” under the contract including coordination & monitoring so as to enable project completion within schedule.

5) Approve soil investigation, detailed designs, drawings, methodology and RFI submitted by the Contractor.

6) Review and implement independent testing procedures for quality control with Architect/Engineer and Contractor.

7) Review project correspondence, change orders, and claim submittal. Make recommendations to Owner for resolution of claims and disputes.

8) Monitor and administer Project Close-Out Activities including As-built drawings, completion of punch list work scopes, commissioning of systems, guarantees/warranties along with operation and maintenance manuals etc.